• 1958

    David O. Chase begins product design consulting.
  • 1963

    We establish our Model Lab to create three-dimensional, working product prototypes.
  • 1970

    ChaseDesign incorporates.
  • 1978

    We accept our first packaging design project.
  • 1980

    We add the capability to produce comprehensive package design mockups.
  • 1983

    We create our first retail lab, to study and validate product and package designs with actual shoppers.
  • 1984

    Product and packaging design lead to the formation of a merchandising team.
  • 1988

    We develop new research techniques for testing package design, and shopper-based strategies for creating retail work.
  • 1990

    We are rewarded with our first retailer projects.
  • 1991

    We add digital graphic design capabilities.
  • 1995

    We create our first Innovation Lab for a client.
  • 1996

    We win the Energizer BEST VENDOR award and do foundational work in Shopper Research.
  • 2003

    We build a 10,000 sq ft retail lab at ChaseDesign.
  • 2007

    We win a CES award for Energizer product design, and log our 100th patent.
  • 2008

    ChaseDesign develops proprietary techniques for 3D visualization of retail and exhibition spaces. We win our second Consumer Electronics Show (CES) award for product design.
  • 2009

    ChaseDesign wins a Target Best of the Bullseye Award.
  • 2010

    We grow into a second facility in Skaneateles.
  • 2012

    ChaseDesign gains global scale with IPG.
  • 2014

    Added Tokyo Office