• Spinning

    When Mike Bellamy, a Senior Model Maker at ChaseDesign, graduated from high school, he apprenticed as a pattern maker – a skilled trade that combines elements of tool & die making, mold making and fine woodworking. So in the present day, when his wife suggested that a spinning wheel would be a beautiful addition to their home, Mike said, “Of course. I can do that.”

  • Stoked

    Michael Vine, a Senior Graphic Designer at ChaseDesign, sees the world – and especially urban terrain – through the eyes of a skateboarder. While you or I might see granite steps in terms of architecture or accessibility, Mike sees them as something to ollie. (Personal best: 11 steps, the YMCA, Dayton, Ohio. “I was asked to leave,” he recalls.)

    Mike kick-flips off a loading dock circa 1991-92

  • So Much Beauty

    Lauren Rispoli, a Retail Project Specialist, loves to travel and loves to take pictures. In high school and college, she shot with a 35 mm camera and processed her own film in the darkroom. But it was the advent of digital photography that freed her to pack light and take as many pictures as she wanted. In 2011, she returned from a trip to Italy with more than 4,000 images.

  • P&G Honors ChaseDesign

    In October, ChaseDesign was selected for a 2013 External Business Partner Excellence Award by client Procter & Gamble.

  • Challenging Art

    For Graphic Designer Laura Woodruff, creating a work of art has to be a challenge, or it’s not worth doing. And her sterling silver bracelet, with its seemingly effortless flow, is a shining example.

  • Tokyo Comes to Skaneateles

    This fall, two people from the Momentum Japan office in Tokyo have come for a two-month stay at ChaseDesign to learn more about Shopper Based Design and how we work. Yuka Nakai (above) and Yumiko Shimada (below) are working on projects, sitting in on design reviews, and developing an understanding of our approach. They are also helping us understand what they do and how they work with clients in Japan.

  • Critical Lighting

    The Integra LED Headlight System, designed at ChaseDesign, was recently honored by Surgical Products magazine with an Excellence in Surgical Products (ESP) Award – First Place in the Captial Equipment category.

    Design considerations included cooling – as the light was the manufacturer’s first to use LED illumination – and fit – as the light had to be comfortable on surgeons large and small, all over the world.

  • Stalking the Wild Mushroom

    Because mushrooms have life spans measured in days, or even in hours, they are elusive subjects for the photographer. But Bonny Dudden, Senior Graphic Production Specialist, finds them worth the effort. “I like to photograph them because they pop up on the dreariest of damp, dark, rainy days – bright bursts of color and texture that last such a short time at their peak.”