• Chili Bowl

    On the eve of the Super Bowl, the ChaseDesign + 10Red Chili Bowl brought together 12 well-seasoned entrants and showered glory upon Glenn Christoffel whose chili took the trophy, vaulting him into the pantheon of chili greats.

  • Skaneateles Polar Plunge 2015

    On January 24th, with the water in Skaneateles Lake at a tub-like 34 degrees, a crew of hearty ChaseDesign & 10Red heroes took the Polar Plunge to benefit three local charities and triumph over the elements.

  • Festive Knitwear

    ChaseDesign celebrated the season with a host of Christmas sweaters -- items long hidden in lower drawers brought forth into the sunlight to dazzle for a day. And here are a few of the favorites:

    Mike's stars actually twinkled.

  • Thanksgiving Potluck 2014

    A celebration of Thanksgiving at the Seneca Studio!

  • Halloween Scene 2014

  • Down & Up at Carpenter's Falls

    Jon Cammarata reports on the hike down and up the historic “jug path” at Carpenter’s Falls:

    Jon Cammarata, Bonny Dudden, Doug Whitehouse and Chris Andrews at the trailhead

  • Watercolor

    Graphic Designer Riva Powers is a second-generation artist, whose future came into focus when she learned to draw. Here are a few of her works in watercolor. She notes, “Some are a bit more graphic in approach and mix some pen work in. Others are strictly watercolor.”


  • With the Grain

    In the hands of Joshua Feocco, a Building and Grounds Maintenance Technician at ChaseDesign, wood becomes art. Josh’s first mentor was Clancy Edmonds, an industrial arts teacher, farmer and carpenter, who gave his students a well-rounded, hands-on education.

    The latest creation, in Josh's workroom