• Fall-ing

    Doug Whitehouse and Chris Andrews have created a new front panel that embodies the concept of Fall literally and physically, communicating first through typography, color and shape, and then through perceived motion.

  • More High Peaks

    On a late summer/early autumn weekend, members of the ChaseDesign Adirondack High Peaks Hiking Club, with fellow travelers, took on Sawteeth, Blake and Colvin.

    A campfire at base camp, near Gill Brook, on Friday evening.

  • A Typographic Challenge

    It began as a 30-day challenge, but -- like any smash hit -- it was held over. Anyone who cared to play was invited to design letters, numbers or symbols that would fit into a 4" x 4" square, and to explore different approaches to letter form. Here is a sampling of the results:



  • Not a Kit

  • Giant Swirl

  • Swim, Bike, Run II

  • Perfect

    On a matchless weekend in August, the ChaseDesign Adirondack High Peaks Hiking Club set up base camp at Marcy Dam and then hiked a three-peak loop of Mt. Colden, Table Top Mt. and Phelps Mt., with a stop at Indian Falls on the way.

  • Into the Mud

    On the first weekend in August, ChaseDesign fielded a team for a 10-mile run through bogs, woods, swamps and some seriously sinister obstacles, competing in the Western New York Tough Mudder. Senior designer Jonathan Fitch and strategy director Ben Watkins formed a team of two, while project specialist Tanner Gjersvig ran for both Chase and, with two friends, for Griffin’s Guardians, a charity targeting pediatric cancer.