• The Holiday Party

    The ChaseDesign holiday gathering was highlighted by good cheer and good company, great food and great music.

  • The Holiday Mailer

    The Holiday Mailer comes at a time of the year when we pause to reflect, looking back on the business year and forward to the holidays. Our founder, David Chase, sent out the first Holiday Mailer in 1977, beginning a tradition that continues today. He felt it was important to say “thank you” and share his best wishes with clients, and he wanted to use the company’s talents to create a memorable and creative greeting, one that would relate to all cultures and holiday traditions.

  • Scenic

    A particular spot at the southern end of Skaneateles Lake has offered moments of respite, beauty and wonder for millennia. With the advent of photography and the postcard, people were able to share the view from this vantage point with friends near and far.

  • Flying

    A big ChaseDesign and 10Red “HOORAH” goes out to Michael Vine and David Aurenden who scorched the course of Sunday’s Empire State Half Marathon in Syracuse, finishing in less than two hours to bask in glory in the crisp autumn air.

  • Fall-ing

    Doug Whitehouse and Chris Andrews have created a new front panel that embodies the concept of Fall literally and physically, communicating first through typography, color and shape, and then through perceived motion.

  • More High Peaks

    On a late summer/early autumn weekend, members of the ChaseDesign Adirondack High Peaks Hiking Club, with fellow travelers, took on Sawteeth, Blake and Colvin.

    A campfire at base camp, near Gill Brook, on Friday evening.

  • A Typographic Challenge

    It began as a 30-day challenge, but -- like any smash hit -- it was held over. Anyone who cared to play was invited to design letters, numbers or symbols that would fit into a 4" x 4" square, and to explore different approaches to letter form. Here is a sampling of the results:



  • Not a Kit