• Polar Bear Plunge

    On January 28th, 2012, a brave ChaseDesign LLC team plunged into Skaneateles Lake for charity. Billed as “Shock and Thaw” and carrying roses for a soon-to-be-wed co-worker, the team was part of the Polar Bear Plunge that raised $6,600 for charity.

  • The Share. Project

    ChaseDesign staffers announce the launch of the Share. Project. This creative collective promotes the sharing of personal projects and builds community togetherness. Monthly experimental art projects inspire, refresh, and recharge the brain, and are just plain fun.

  • 3D Printer

    When product designers at ChaseDesign hit the “print” button, their work often emerges in three dimensions. Their “printed” models – made of a durable, production-grade thermoplastic – can then be drilled, sanded and painted to create prototypes.
    The benefits are obvious. Designers and clients can quickly see an idea become reality; inspect it from every angle, hold and handle it, apply different finishes, and determine how the design interacts with other elements.