• Full Snow Moon

    For the Genesee Studio's front panel, Senior Designer Riva Powers celebrates the full moon in all its majesty, aligning with February’s full moon in real time.

    The details: photography in the background and a manipulated watercolor for the moon texture.

  • Stay Warm

    Inspiration for the front panel at our Genesee Studio comes from many sources. Reflecting on a classic work of art, Senior Design Director Bill Finch notes, “I have always been struck by the unashamed nature of Leonardo da Vinci’s L’Uomo Vitruviano, undraped and unembarrassed for hundreds of years. But even so, it seemed appropriate… and compassionate… to prepare him for a Central New York winter..."

  • Holiday Party 2016

    The 2016 Holiday Party was adorned by bows and bow ties, beard glitter, masks and laughter, good food, good music and wonderful company. Our thanks to Laure Lillie for documenting the good times at the Skaneateles Country Club.

  • Super

    With our latest front panel, Designer Jade Cole encourages us to reach higher, “with a nod to the recent super moon.”

    And below, the new panel in its natural habitat...

  • Autumn Falls

  • Red Delicious

    Of our new front panel, Senior Designer Riva Powers writes, “This concept celebrates apple picking season with a nod to vintage illustration and graphic styles and a wink to Chase’s history, with the line ‘For Over 50 Years.’ Any chance to break out the watercolors is welcome – both the apples and type are hand painted. I am also very inspired by vintage typography so I was glad to be able to incorporate that into the design as well.”

  • Tanner Gjersvig, Adirondack 46er

    Early Saturday morning, September 24th, Senior Model Maker Tanner Gjersvig had just two peaks to go – Esther and Whiteface – to become an Adirondack 46er.

    Chris, Peter, Andy, Tanner and Jon on the summit of Esther Mountain

  • One on One

    Senior Design Director Bill Finch contributes our latest front panel, and notes, "As a dad of five children, summer has always meant early morning soccer fields… watching the kids go from a 'swarm' mentality' to actual soccer skills! I chose that theme as my summer window motif. I like flat, intense swatches of color, and wanted an almost silk-screened look to this art, even purposefully out-of-register to achieve a spontaneous feel. The squiggle lines are my favorite part."