Essential Phone Launch

Andy Rubin’s Essential is a new kind of technology company and its first product, Essential Phone, challenged us to create a striking showcase for its launch at retail, with an execution as intriguing, yet simple, as Essential Phone itself.





“The Essential Phone's hardware is simply stunning, there's no way around it. Titanium and ceramic are both beautiful and brawny, while its tiny bezels are just downright amazing to experience.”
-- Andrew Martonik,

“The Essential Phone's simplicity is what makes it great.”
-- Lisa Eadicicco,

We focused on orchestrating the desired shopper behavior through three key principles:
•  Creating awareness through visual interruption
•  Engaging the shopper and encouraging discovery through a differentiated experience
•  Communicating benefits through interaction and demonstration




In the finished display, the dark execution intrigues the shopper and stands out against competitors’ stark white approaches. The phone is the hero of the display. Quality materials, soft lighting and monotone graphics are the backdrop for the focal. Essential Phone’s durability is emphasized by showing it on concrete, and placing it on a pedestal underscores its beauty and worth.




The presentation is simple, so as not to overwhelm the shopper and allow them to focus on key selling points.




The resulting display received an early compliment from Joshua Vergara at Android Authority: “After a number of demos showcasing the phone’s various features, we were greeted with what will be the sales kiosks for the Essential Phone – eye catching, to be sure, but not in your face.”




For website and advertising applications, ChaseDesign also created product renderings and turntable animations of Essential Phone, the 360° camera – a forthcoming accessory – and Essential Phone with the 360° camera attached. In every instance, the work is designed to underscore the beauty and durability of Essential Phone, create awareness through visual interruption, encourage discovery, and clearly communicate benefits through interaction and demonstration, keeping in mind:

“Simple is always better.”
– Andy Rubin, Co-creator of Android, Founder and President of Essential