• Jump!

    It’s summer and time to leap into the beautiful blue waters of Skaneateles Lake. And what better than the airy brightness of watercolor to capture the moment? Thank you, Carol Hatch, for our new front panel.

    And here's the piece in all its glory:

  • The Bee

    Senior Designer Laura Woodruff created the latest front panel for the Genesee Studio, and describes its creation and inspiration for us:

    “For this piece, I chose to use pastels (the chalky kind). It’s a medium that I used throughout college and always enjoy working with. I can build up vibrant color, achieve a great level of detail, and have the freedom to use an eraser when I need to add a highlight or remove an area.

  • Chris Andrews, 46er

    Last summer, Senior Design Director Chris Andrews was one mountain away from becoming in an Adirondack 46er – summiting all 46 of the Adirondacks High Peaks – but he waited until March of 2017 to make the crowning ascent.

  • Spring, Soon

    In anticipation of birds and blossoms, senior designer Jonathan Fitch accepted a friendly challenge to create a hummingbird on his tablet, and it morphed into a front panel for the Genesee Studio.

    If you would like to see Jon's creative process from start to finish, click here for the 2-minute video.

  • The Chili Champ

    Congratulations to our Chili Champ, Mike Bellamy, winner of the 2017 ChaseDesign Chili Cook-off!

  • An Old School Creation

    The ChaseDesign holiday mailer starts its journey a year or more before it arrives in your home. In 2016, the mailer was the collaborative effort of designers and production specialists who took the idea from a simple paper prototype, studied how it would fold and open, hand-cut refined prototypes, did type studies, chose paper stock, and designed an envelope to carry the finished piece around the world.

  • Full Snow Moon

    For the Genesee Studio's front panel, Senior Designer Riva Powers celebrates the full moon in all its majesty, aligning with February’s full moon in real time.

    The details: photography in the background and a manipulated watercolor for the moon texture.

  • Stay Warm

    Inspiration for the front panel at our Genesee Studio comes from many sources. Reflecting on a classic work of art, Senior Design Director Bill Finch notes, “I have always been struck by the unashamed nature of Leonardo da Vinci’s L’Uomo Vitruviano, undraped and unembarrassed for hundreds of years. But even so, it seemed appropriate… and compassionate… to prepare him for a Central New York winter..."